- pastel on paper
   - acrylics on canvas
   - oils on canvas
* originals & giclee prints available

My abstracts are a visceral and intuitive exploration of color, texture and form. These elements can combine in a never-ending kaleidoscope of choices and unexpected tangents--where often, the artist becomes  almost a spectator observing and appreciating an unexpected unfolding of colorful explosions that delight and surprise the retina.


* Please inquire for custom sizes and availability of prints.
Red Bird.bright
Inner Limited Transcended.30x40.oil on canvas.framed
Inner Window #2.bright
Yellow Abstract.8x8.acrylic on canvas
Yang.6x6.acrylic on canvas
Press On.bright
The Eyes Have It.bright
Red Abstract.8x8.acrylic on canvas.final
Life is What You Make It.8x10.acrylic on paper
Inspiration.8x10.retake.acrylic on canvas
Inner Window #1.9x12.acrylic on canvas
In the Present.8x10.retake.acrylic on canvas
Hidden Doors.8x10.acrylic on canvas
Flights of Fancy.brigth