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 -oil paintings

 - acrylic paintings

Festive Flamingo #1.8x8.acrylics on canv
Festive Flamingo #2.8x8.acrylics on canv
Toco Toucan #1.JPG.JPG
Pelican #1.8x8.acrylics on canvas.jpg
Pelican #2.8x8.acrylics on canvas.jpg
Keel Billed Toucan.large.jpg
Scarlet Macaw.JPG.JPG
Red Bird.bright.jpg
Hyacinth Macaws.24x36.oils on canvas.jpg
One in a Million. 22x30. oil on canvas.j
Hawaiian Honeysuckle Creeper.acrylics on
On Thin Ice.bright.24x24.jpg
Scarlet Macaw.24x36oils on canvas.jpg
Cockatoo and Pineapple.30x36.oils on can
Mitchells Cockatoos.20x24.oils on canvas
Three Macaws.Lo.Res.jpg
Two and a Half
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